Monday, November 28, 2011

Colorful Quilt

I was asked to maybe write something about a project I've made with these old machines.  Because I normally make things for other people, and are garments, I enjoy doing something completely different for my free time.  Quilting is a new found joy.  Why I resisted for so long, I know not.  This time I tried a project that had more than squares.  I bought a jelly roll of fabric, added some of my own and made borders.  The pattern was only for the inside and is called a "braid".  The rest I made to fit the bed and batting size.

It started this way.  Cut  and then sewn together in this manner. 

 There was a lot of experimenting on how to sew them together with no trimming but alas, it was better this way after all.  The next part was to add the borders, more fabric and then to quilt the whole thing.  I am not one who enjoys free motion quilting so I yet again did strait rows.  Free motion is for next time.

The Viking 2000 (early 60's), Eldredge Rotary (1930's) and the Singer 27 (1889) did all the piece work and the Pfaff 131 (1950) did quilting.   It seems every machine has it's specialty so it's rare I do anything on only one machine.  I am guessing it's not just me who does this.
I am very inspired by the many quilters I met through the internet.  How do they do it?  I am still trying to figure out some things.  One of them is how do you match patterned fabric?  I just gave up and let myself relax about the non-matchy thing.  This particular one may be a little extreme - and my husband was very leery of it (as usual) but in the end it sort of works.  I guess that is the lesson the wise ones know. 


  1. I've made braids for a border, but not as the center. Looks nice. As long as the colors 'match' don't worry about it.

  2. Stunning! I love how all the colors work together, and the borders just blend well with this quilt. The use of the solid colors in the borders enhances the center. Very nice work!

    1. Thanks to you both. I am ready to try another quilt!