Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy Home Canning Labels

I love sewing, for sure but also enjoy home canning.  This brings me to the purpose of this day's entry: How can you make a good label that doesn't stick to the jar forever?  Here's a good solution.

It starts with making a fun label.  I make labels online, print them on resume paper, then cut them out. To get some help, go to Label Templates.  This is the Avery company's website.  They have a lot of cool things there but what we need today is the templates for address labels.  You can choose a template for the size you'd like for the jar size you have.  A good basic size is 1 1/2 x4" or similar.  To use the site you'll need to register, then choose to create a label online.  It's quite easy and you can even add artwork from their files or use your own.  Remember,  the label won't be a address label.   Add an image, change the font size, style and color any way you want.

When it comes time to print, use paper as opposed to a sticky label.  I use resume paper as it's a little heavier and holds up better than copier paper.  You can then cut out the labels after they are printed.   Cut out what you need and set them aside.

To adhere to the jars, use milk.  I place a small amount of milk in a cup and a basting brush.  Brush the milk lightly onto the back of the label and hold in place briefly.

Making labels this way works great, comes off by soaking in water for a minute and best of all lets you be creative in making fun labels for your canned food.

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  1. Brilliant! I have to try this, thanks :)

    It's been awhile since I've done any canning, but I buy most of my pantry food in bulk, and store it in glass jars, which then get labeled, but the same item doesn't always go back in the same jar. I usually use sticky file labels, which are ridonkulous to remove.

    Milk....who knew?