Monday, June 27, 2011

Knitting Pretty in 1935 and 2011

I chose the lower left sweater

2011 version made with soft cotton

There are so many things in this world that seem to be so old and dated at first glance but really are timeless.  Knitting is one of those things.  The stitches are the same, much of the shapes are the same and even the materials themselves are similar.  We still knit with needles and use yarn.  Yarns change with style, patterns reflect fashion and tools come and go but the basics remain.  Knit and purl anyone?
People who sew and knit are fortunate in that there are many patterns available from earlier times just waiting to be rediscovered.  I have been quietly collecting them for many years.  It's a nice little adventure to make up a vintage pattern and see it come to life.   If you have never done this, I suggest giving yourself an excuse to do it.


  1. ooh, I love it! that's a beautiful sweater and although the illustration looks vintage, the sweater IS timeless. lovely work!